School of Global Studies Prompt Engineer Contest

2023-06-01 news

김서희 (Seo Hee, Kim)
김서희 (Seo Hee, Kim)

The first annual ‘Prompt Engineer Contest’ was held at Do-heon Global School room 23117 on June 1st, 2023.

The competition was hosted by Head Professor Ro Seop Park, Professor Yookyung Shin, Graduate student Jee Won Park Jinheon Lee from the School of Global Studies. Also co-hosted by the School of Global Studies Student Council and the Academic Affairs Department of the School of Global Studies.

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The ultimate goal of the Prompt Engineer Competition is to facilitate the development of web pages that exhibit the desired design aesthetics and durability through the effective and highly applicable design of prompts. This academic activity serves as a platform to promote creative problem-solving and encourage participants to leverage prompts as powerful tools in their web development workflows.


The Prompt Engineering Competition emphasizes the evaluation of prompt effectiveness to refine and optimize the design process. Participants assess the quality of the generated code, design recommendations, and user interactions using metrics such as code validity, adherence to design principles, user satisfaction, and performance benchmarks. This evaluation process enables iterative improvements and empowers developers to continuously enhance the effectiveness of their prompts.

A total of 6 Teams worked diligently to create web pages in various areas such as creating school-related platforms, providing cafe information in Chun-cheon city, developing health management web pages, developing stock market data analysis web pages, developing web pages for summarizing key articles, and AI outfit recommendation.

They brought glory to the competition with their outstanding creations.

  The first place was awarded to Team 5: [Developing Web Pages for Summarizing Key Articles]

Je Woo Oh, Yu An Jang, Seo Hee Kim.



Team 5 has accomplished the successful construction of a summary website designed to deliver succinct summaries of lengthy articles or texts to users. The system operates by allowing users to input their desired long sentences or texts into a text box, and leveraging the advanced capabilities of ChatGPT’s technology, it generates concise and reader-friendly summaries to enhance the user experience. The website serves as a valuable tool for individuals seeking condensed information, enabling them to efficiently grasp the key points of extensive content.


Second place was Team 4: [Developing Stock Market Data Analysis Web Pages]

Geon Woo Lee, Tae Hee Lee, Soo Ah Jo.



Team 4 has successfully developed a website with the theme ‘Developing stock market data analysis web pages.’ This interactive platform enables users to personally list stocks of interest and their expectations by filling in the provided blanks. Additionally, based on the preferences indicated by users, the website offers tailored recommendations for stocks that align with their investment goals and interests. With a focus on data analysis, this website empowers users to gain valuable insights and make informed judgments based on information regarding investment strategies. Serving as a comprehensive tool for stock market enthusiasts, this website provides a user-friendly interface that allows users to explore and track stocks in an efficient and convenient manner, while receiving personalized recommendations tailored to their needs.

In third, Team 2 : [Providing cafe information in Chun-cheon city]

Min Gyu Kim, Seung Heon Song, Ki Ppum Ju.



Team 2 has accomplished the successful development of a website focused on providing information about cafes in Chuncheon City, titled ‘Chuncheon City Cafe Guide.’ The website serves as a platform for introducing numerous cafes in the city, highlighting their unique features and recommending signature menus for visitors. In addition to seamlessly integrating ChatGPT, the team has successfully incorporated various other functionalities to enhance the website’s user experience. Furthermore, they have designed an impressive logo specifically tailored for the website, adding a touch of visual appeal.

Closing Remarks

The first Prompt Engineer Competition served as a platform for students to showcase their creativity and problem-solving abilities in web page development. By employing an effective and highly applicable approach to prompt design, the students have had the chance to unlock full potential of AI models and create web pages that embody their desired design aesthetics and durability. Through this competition, innovative prompt engineering methodologies are explored, fostering advancements in web development practices and pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in the realm of web design.

We would like to give a big round of applause for all the students for their hard work, and are hoping that this opportunity has served as a stepping stone for further educational pursuits in the field of AI.

Thank You !