Hallym University and HM Company establish Memorandum of Understanding

2023-02-14 news

On February 14, 2023, Hallym University, led by President Yang-Hee Choi, and HM Company, under the leadership of CEO Geun-Ho Jo, signed a business agreement. The purpose of the agreement is to foster industry-academia cooperation and talent development through the establishment of an Industry-Academia Convergence Research Institute.

During the agreement ceremony, President Yang-Hee Choi and HM Company Vice President Lee Yong-hoon, along with other practical workers, exchanged their commitment to mutual cooperation. The primary objective of this collaboration is to promote academic development and foster friendly relations by creating an industry-academia convergence research institute specializing in AI-based crime information analysis and legal analysis.

The key components of this agreement include comprehensive academic and research exchanges between the institutions, internships to train experts in AI crime analysis, mutual support in terms of facilities, educational materials, and research materials, joint academic events, and cooperation for joint development and friendly relations.

At the ceremony, Professor Ji-On Kim of Korean National Police University presented comprehensive plans for joint research and mutual exchanges with both Hallym University and HM Company.

President Yang-Hee Choi expressed his expectations, stating, “Through this agreement and seminar, we anticipate academic convergence in various fields such as law, administration, and AI, as we cooperate with Hallym University, HM Company, and the National Police University.” He added, “I hope that this occasion will serve as a catalyst for establishing a world-class administrative service model.”

Vice President Lee Yong-hoon of HM Company mentioned, “The joint research collaboration with Hallym University, which has been ongoing since 2019, will further advance with the establishment of the industry-academia convergence research institute and the signing of this agreement.” He also affirmed, “HM Company will spare no effort in supporting the development of the Industry-Academia Convergence Research Institute in partnership with Hallym University.”

HM Company is the only KOLAS-certified private testing agency in Korea, specializing in digital forensics internal audits. They combine AI with crime/legal analysis and conduct various research activities.


“Hallym University’s collaboration with HM Company to establish an Industry-Academia Convergence Research Institute for AI-based crime information analysis and legal analysis showcases their commitment to fostering industry-academia cooperation and talent development. This partnership has the potential to advance research, promote academic development, and create a world-class administrative service model.”