KOREA POLICE WORLD EXPO: Introduction to CSI conference

2022-10-18 Introduction seminar

[Smart Security Technology in the Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution]


East Asia’s only “Police World Expo!”

A business platform for the development of smart security technology needed in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution! The Korea Police World Expo introduces smartpolis technology that will lead the revitalization of the security industry through core technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The need for the development of advanced police security systems, scientific investigation techniques, and related technologies to cope with various evolving and diverse crimes is increasing day by day.

In response, KOREA POLICE WORLD EXPO aims to promote the status of “K-COP” abroad and strengthen the international security cooperation network by bringing together high-tech security industries as well as police equipment. Would like to create a business exchange venue for actual buyers and distribution companies.



KOREA POLICE WORLD EXPO is the only exhibition in Korea hosted by the National Police Agency.

As a venue for fostering the security industry with about 150,000 police force, the National Police Agency’s Research and Development Project briefing, security promotion center, and civic-participating side events are held together to give a panoramic view of the high-tech security industry.



The 4th Korea Police World Expo is the first B2B exhibition specializing in the security industry in Korea.

It is a place of communication where officials from the security industry, such as related manufacturing and distribution companies, government agencies, and related cooperative organizations, and Korean citizens gather together.



KOREA is spreading the Korean Security Wave based on high security capabilities and social safety.

This exhibition aims to invite police and officials from around the world to promote excellent domestic technology and enhance global industry competitiveness.



KOREA POLICE WORLD EXPO will hold professional conferences and seminars held by the National Police Agency, related cooperative organizations, and academic societies at the same time.

It is a place to share the latest technologies and expertise, and to share information about various products.

Following last year, the security industry fair will participate in a project organized by Hallym University, and will invite Professor Florix Bex, an authority on AI-based criminal investigation research, as a lecturer to discuss the field.

You can also participate in this event online, so if you are interested, you can register for various events through the link below.


Introduction video about [AI Crime Investigation Support Project] hosted by Hallym University introduced at the last Korea Police World Expo.