2021-10-20 news

The only security industry exhibition in East Asia!

A business platform for the development of Smart Security technology needed in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution!


From Wednesday, October 20, 2021 to Saturday, October 23, 2021, a Korea Police World Expo hosted by the National Police Agency and Incheon Metropolitan City will be held at Songdo Convensia.


At the Korea Police World Expo, the latest technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution will be showcased to lead the activation of the security industry, including the Smart Police Technology.

The need for the development of advanced security systems, scientific investigation techniques, and related technologies for the police to respond to various evolving and diverse crimes is increasing day by day.

At KOREA POLICE WORLD EXPO, the goal is to promote the status of ‘K-COP’ to countries around the world and strengthen international cooperation in the security industry, bringing together advanced security industries, police equipment and solutions, creating a business exchange platform for real buyers and distributors to visit the exhibition hall, and exchanging information through professional conferences and purchase briefings.

It is a place of communication where stakeholders in the security industry, including related manufacturers, distributors, government agencies, and affiliated partners, gather in one place.

It was held with the purpose of establishing the foundation of the domestic security industry and spreading advanced security systems globally, providing an opportunity to experience the advanced systems and equipment of the Korean police.

The exhibition hall consists of various sections including the police mobile equipment and drone section, police personal equipment section, police information and communication technology (ICT) section, crime prevention equipment and system section, crime investigation and detection equipment section, traffic equipment and system section, and a special section.

The special section showcased advanced technologies aimed at protecting vulnerable populations, such as precision location tracking and identification technologies for missing persons.