VScode Cheat Sheet for Beginners

2019-12-09 vscode settings cheatsheet coding

박성미 (Sungmi, Park)

I recently had some time to organize my VScode extensions and wanted to share my settings and shortcuts I find very useful.

VScode commands (for Windows)

1. Toggle command ( Ctrl + / )

toggle command

2. Same word selector ( Ctrl + D )

same word select

3. Insert multi cursor ( Alt + Click )

multi cursor

4. Move code line up and down ( Alt + Arrowkey )

move code up1 move code up2

5. Indent in and out ( Ctrl + ] or Ctrl+ [ )

Vscode Extensions (Global)

All extensions can be found and downloaded from the Vscode extension tab.

Material Theme

material theme

Set a theme for your vscode. Better looking environment, better workflow!

Bracket Pair Colorizer 2

bracket pair

Ever got stressed because you got sick of matching the end brackets to the start brackets? With Bracket Pair it’s easy to see mistakes!

Todo Tree

Screenshot shows my custom settings for Todo Tree!

todo tree

This is an awesome in-code todo list manager. Just write TODO: or FIXME: (default tags) in your code and Todo tree will automatically update your todo list!

If you want to edit the settings or add new tags, you can easily go to File>Preferences>Settings and add changes to your settings.json file!

My custom setting looks like this:

    "todo-tree.highlights.enabled": true,
    "todo-tree.highlights.defaultHighlight": {
        "type": "text and comment",
    "todo-tree.highlights.customHighlight": {
        "TODO": {
            "foreground": "#2f3542",
            "background": "#f6b93b",
            "iconColour": "#f39c12",
            "icon": "issue-opened",
            "type": "line"
        "FIXME": {
            "foreground": "#2f3542",
            "background": "#e55039",
            "iconColour": "#e55039",
            "icon": "flame",
            "type": "line"
        "REVIEW": {
            "foreground": "#2f3542",
            "background": "#9980FA",
            "iconColour": "#6c5ce7",
            "icon": "eye",
            "type": "line"
        "NOTE": {
            "foreground": "#2f3542",
            "background": "#7bed9f",
            "iconColour": "#2ed573",
            "icon": "info",
            "type": "line"
    "todo-tree.general.tags": [

Simply add this to your settings.json file and you will be good to go! (If you already have other settings, be sure to paste this code without the outest curly brackets!)

…install code linting extensions for your codes!

Vscode extensions (by type)