4th DIRC Digital Forensic Research Seminar

2019-12-06 conference

DIRC is an Industry-University Cooperation Research Center of Legal Informatics and Forensic Science (LIFS) Institute at Hallym University and HM Company.

Time and Place


Time Event Speaker
10:00 Coffee Reception  
10:10 Welcome and Introduction I GunHo Cho HM
10:20 Welcome and Introduction II Jake Jang LIFS
10:30 Improving Forensic Imaging Tool Jiyoon Ham LIFS
10:50 My story after LIFS graduation Subong Jang HM
11:10 OSINT Tool Development: Jacheongbi.py Kichul Kim LIFS
11:30 2020 Digital Forensic Trend Kyoungjae Park HM
11:50 Lunch  
12:50 UAV Forensic Analysis Anthony Onche LIFS
13:10 Industrial Accident Case Analysis Juhee Kuk HM
13:30 Open Source License Guide Hyemin Yoo LIFS
13:50 Forensic tool development using API Donggeun Jang HM
14:10 Break Time  
14:30 Research on IoT device vulnerability with IoT Dynamic Honeypot MinJin Park LIFS
14:50 Response plan to regulatory agencies using Nuix Jaehyun Oh HM
15:10 Expert System development using CLIPS SungMi Park LIFS
15:30 Analysis of subject behavior before imaging Sumin Lee HM
15:50 Close Speech Joshua James LIFS
16:00 Free Talk