How to make a Korean bank account and alien registration number for university students

2019-08-29 administration student life

박민진 (Minjin, Park)
박민진 (Minjin, Park)

For foreign students who are starting university in South Korea, there are a lot of accounts you will need to create. To create such accounts, you’ll need to fill out several documents. This post will take you through the process of setting up accounts for Hallym University.

Setting up a Bank Account

For a Bank account (Hallym University uses Woori Bank) you will need…

However, to get an alien registration card, you need a certificate of enrollment. That means you need to pay school tuition fee first. After, you get a student ID, and can print out the certificate.

It is bit strange but this is how it works.

Alien Registration Number

For the alien registration number, you need…

And if you live off campus,

Things to note