Creating Personal Run Commands in Windows 10

2019-08-28 windows tips

In a Windows 10 environment, there are many ways to launch an application:

From my experience, the first option could make your Desktop screen quite messy if you keep adding shortcuts there. Second option involves running “pretty” graphic, so there is a delay for Windows start menu popping up, typing in texts, returning search results, and returning start options. I personally hate this option. As for the last option, I know You don’t want to do this.

This is why I prefer to use “Run” function for opening applications.

I know that there are many people who are already utilizing this function to make their lives easier, and directions for using Run function and most-used Run Commands such as chrome, calc, etc. are well explained in this link.

How to create a Customized Run Command?

There are default Run Commands that are already built in to Windows 10 system.

So how can you run applications of your choice such as Telegram via Run function?